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Onze lieve vrouw ten steenstraat 1
B-3300 Tienen
Telefoon : 016/820712
BTW : BE 466.551.192

Monitor LCD 48.5in Eb490qkbmIIIpx 4k Uhd 3840 X 2160 16:9 4ms LED Backlight

Monitor LCD 48.5in Eb490qkbmIIIpx 4k Uhd 3840 X 2160 16:9 4ms LED Backlight

€714,89  (+0,41)
€865,01  (+0,50)
Referentie: UM.SE0EE.001
Taal: UK

Uitgebreide beschrijving


A 4K monitor creates a whole new kind of viewing experience. And at 48.5", going to the cinema is a thing of the past.

Big, Boundless Viewing
Bask in the bright, boundless view of your movie-like display as the cinema comes to life in your very own home.

Enjoy the View
Colour-enhancing, image-sharpening and eyecare technologies combine flawlessly in vibrant 4K.

All For 4K
Once you've sat with a 4K screen, you'll never settle for less. With 4K you can see more, do more and enjoy beyond measure.

Speakers at the Ready
Two speakers, directly built in to your monitor, save on desk space while still offering up a powerful listening experience.

Reach New Depths of Colour
A wider colour range results in less banding, creating a smoother, more realistic image.

Get a Good Look
Super Sharpness takes low-res images and bumps them up a notch, giving what you see that Ultra HD feel.